Blogs at Gustavus

Group Poetry

The whole class was asked to write poetry as a reflection on their experience with and on glaciers. Here are the results! Glaciers are fast in recession But still they make an impression For many they are a beautiful sight Others think they are alright But for Jeff they are his obsession -Cat Lim Glacier […]

The Art of Glaciers

Today was a truly liberal arts experience. We spent the morning thinking about proposed solutions to slow glacial melt and climate change, and got to see some firsthand. On the Vadre Pers Glacier, we saw one method of slowing glacial melt: covering the glacier with a white, insulating blanket. This helps to slow glacier melt […]

We Love a Survey!

Today we made a blissful hike up to the snout (an alternative term for the terminus) of the Morterartsch glacier near Pontresina, Switerland. Our mission for the day was to perform several ecological surveys based on the concept of space-for-time. When applied to glaciers, this concept allows us to observe the space and conditions where […]

Hut Hut Hike

Monday and Tuesday were quite a whirlwind. We completed a through hike across multiple glaciers from Grindelwald to Pontresina. We started our journey on the Jungfraujoch railway  that snaked through the Matterhorn. All roped up in two groups, we began our hike in dense fog to the Koncordia hut. Our journey down to the hut […]

From History Major to IT (with Bandy Playing Interspersed)

History major Wyatt Wenzel, ’14, did not require a STEM degree to succeed in the IT sector, which he joined in the summer of 2015 as part of Minneapolis-based Traust Consulting. As he explains, “my Gustavus History BA armed me with a ton of skills that I really believe gave me a huge advantage. . […]

Coston Named Executive Director of Center for Career Development

Andrew Coston will join the Gustavus community in early August after spending the last 20 years at Cecil College in North East, Maryland.

Linnaeus Symposium Explores Changing Climate in Minnesota

Four experts will join Linnaeus Arboretum Director Scott Moeller and Director of the Johnson Center for Environmental Innovation this Thursday.

Margaret Bloch Qazi, 2019 Carlson Award Winner, Biology Department

It is my great privilege and pleasure to announce this year’s recipient of the Edgar M. Carlson Award for Distinguished Teaching. Created by the Gustavus Board of Trustees in 1971, the award recognizes “an established pattern of teaching excellence,” “innovative and effective teaching strategies,” and excellence in mentoring and advising. It is named in honor […]

Glaciers in Art

Recently, our group went through a small schedule change. As a group, last night, we decided that we would change our schedule and not spend two nights at the Konkordia Hut. Instead, as a way to welcome Betsy Beyers to our group, we wanted to spend the afternoon touring the Keineismeehr exhibit in Interlaken and […]

When No One Is Watching

It happened yesterday when one of our supervisors, unbeknownst to the entire staff, saw rain coming; and came out to the courts early to make sure the ball carts stored in our outdoor tower (which was currently leaking because of a caulking seal failure) were covered by tarps.  Nobody else thought to do it, including […]