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Men’s soccer defeats No. 18 Macalester

Teddy Kaste- Gustavus Men’s Soccer added another win to their record in a nailbiter against Number 18 ranked Macalester. The game was scoreless for most of the time and looked certain to be a 0-0 draw until the 88:49 mark of the game when 5th-year Otis Anderson rifled a shot at the Macalester Goaltender, which […]

Volleyball sweeps Loras Invite

Parker Burman- This past weekend the Golden Gustie Volleyball team played two matches at the Loras Invite against Coe College and Loras College. Starting their weekend off with a win, the Gusties swept Coe College 3-0 in their first match. While unable to secure back-to-back sweeps the Gusties did still manage to win 3-1 over […]

Reinhardy wins Williams Invitational

Parker Burman- This past weekend, the Gustavus Men’s golf team participated in two separate matches on different ends of the country, with one team in Massachusetts and the other in Minnesota. As a team, the Gusties finished third at the Williams Invitational and tied for fifth at the Saint John’s Fall Invite. However, Junior Jack […]

Nobody Loves You and You Don’t Deserve to Exist

Will Sorg- Supporting independent cinema is essential in this day and age. It has become easier than ever to make a movie with little to no money; if you have a phone you can do it. That’s what makes truly excellent microbudget films really stand out. I was recently reached out to by Jack Clarke, […]

Interviews with Gustavus’ favorite pets

Raquel Vaughn- Have you ever looked at your pet and wondered “What in the world are they thinking at this moment?” Well, wonder no further because THE GUSTAVIAN WEEKLY has declared me your pet whisperer. To hone my skills, I interviewed a couple of well-known and lovable cats on campus. The first one goes by […]

Showdown: High School Musical vs Camp Rock

Sophia White- An important question that has begged for an answer since the dawn of time is “Which defining nostalgic movie series of the early 2000s is superior to the other: Camp Rock or High School Musical?” To clarify, this article will be the opinions of the writer. One extremely integral element of these two […]

Ads: the pollution of the mind

Houston McLaury- During one of my spring semesters at Gustavus, some high school friends and I drove a good four hours to Wisconsin for a friend’s birthday party. We found a cabin on the shore of Lake Superior that would be 50 miles from Duluth and 50 miles in the opposite direction from the nearest […]

Saw: more than “torture porn”

Jay Erickson- Many people view the 2004 movie Saw as nothing more than so-called “torture porn”. If that was all there was to the movie, how could it have spawned such a long-running series, with Saw X releasing in theaters on September 29th of this year? To take a look beyond the gore and the […]

Gustie of the Week: Kiana Pitsch

Colleen Coleman- This week’s Gustie of the Week is Kiana Pitsch, a Senior Political Science and Psychological Science major with a Communication Studies minor. She is the President of the Alpha Sigma Tau sorority, and Co-President of Alpha Alpha Alpha Honors Society as well as the Adoption Recognition Community. She is also a Diversity, Equity, […]

Homecoming rave: pumpin’ beats and poppin’ bubbles

Taylor Storlien- Many might have seen posters around campus advertising the 2023 Homecoming Bubble Rave. With a background of colorful bubbles, it announces what is to come this Saturday: “Get your squad ready for the Annual Homecoming Rave! Bright Lights, Pumpin’ Music, Bubbles & one awesome night!” The finale to the Great Gustie Gathering is […]