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Benji Huff ’24

“Within [Geography] courses, we learn practical skills in jobs Geographers have, such as urban planning and GIS.” As a double major, Benji has found a sense of community within both the Geography and Religion departments. Benji has been able to combine these majors to start to develop a well-rounded understanding of how the world works, […]

Conrad Oddoye ’20

“A last-minute collegiate track career, a musical score to finish, and then there was COVID.” Basketball got him to Gustavus from Alberta, Canada. But always there was music, which Oddoye had been playing since he was seven and composing since he was ten. “I was producing music in my room in Co-Ed,” he says, and […]

Ty Moore ’12

“My mom said, ‘You’re going back. We worked too hard to get here.’” In the weeks after George Floyd was murdered, I spent a lot of time out in Minneapolis. I grew up on the north side. This is my city. I helped a friend clean up broken glass after his store was looted. I […]

Allison Laux ’24

“When I enter an education class, I immediately feel like I belong with my peers and that my professor is there to help me learn to the best of my potential.” Allison was drawn to the Education Department due to the opportunities to “make a positive difference in the lives of children” and provide “a […]

September 24, 2022 Update: Campus moving to COVID Level 0

TO: The Gustavus Community FROM: COVID-19 Leadership Team SUBJECT: Campus moving to COVID Level 0 DATE: September 23, 2022 Given the low COVID levels for the previous two weeks, the campus will move to COVID Level 0 starting on Monday, September 26.  The COVID-19 Leadership Team continues to monitor three criteria to determine the COVID […]

Campus COVID-19 Updates – Sept. 15, 2022

TO: The Gustavus Community FROM: COVID-19 Leadership Team SUBJECT: New COVID-19 Boosters now available on campus DATE: September 15, 2022 Gustavus Health Service is now offering the new COVID-19 bivalent vaccine to any current student or employee. This is a booster combining the original vaccine and a vaccine targeted to the omicron variant.   Everyone over […]

Campus COVID-19 Updates – Fall 2022

TO: The Gustavus Community FROM: President Bergman SUBJECT: Campus COVID-19 Updates DATE: August 12, 2022 Greetings  Gusties, As the calendar turns to August, our sights turn to the start of the school year and welcoming students back to campus. I hope you have had a little time this summer for fun and renewal. The COVID-19 pandemic […]

Nobel Conference Speaker Joseph P. Gone

Dr. Joseph P. Gone. His conference lecture is titled, “Anticolonial Approaches to Community Mental Health Services for American Indians: Enacting AlterNative Psy-ence.” Native American people suffer mental health issues just like any other community in the world. Many community members struggle with substance abuse, depression, and associated distress. But living on reservations also presents unique […]

Nobel Conference Speaker Daniel Eisenberg

During the pandemic, it has not been difficult to identify new, pressing challenges faced by young people—challenges that can have a significant impact on their mental health. Likewise, we can quite readily identify the impacts of new technologies on young persons’ mental health. However, while it is undoubtedly the case that both the pandemic and […]

Nobel Conference Speaker G. Nic Rider

Dr. G. Nic Rider. Their lecture at the conference is titled, “Radical Healing and Inclusive Change-Making: Centering Transgender and Gender Diverse Communities.” Transgender and gender nonconforming (TGNC) people–those whose experiences of their gender do not match the gender they were assigned at birth–face substantial health disparities when compared to their cisgender counterparts (persons whose gender […]