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Summer Research Kicks Off at Gustavus

This year, over 60 Gusties are conducting summer research projects, collaborating with top-tier professors in a small liberal arts environment.

Geology Students and Prof Publish in Scientific Reports

The publication is affiliated with Nature, the world’s leading multidisciplinary science journal.

Faculty Spotlight: Erik Gulbranson

Erik Gulbranson (Geology), Morgan Mellum ’23, Aidan Dahlseid ’21 et al. have a paper entitled “Paleoclimate-induced stress on polar forested ecosystems prior to the Permian–Triassic mass extinction” accepted for publication in the journal Scientific Reports. In part, this paper is the culmination of Morgan Mellum’s FYRE project from the summer of 2020, whereas Aidan Dahlseid […]

Faculty Spotlight: Erik Gulbranson

Morgan Mellum ’23 and Sarah Genet ’23 have been awarded a large grant from the Evolving Earth Foundation to support their summer research with Erik Gulbranson (Geology). As a collaborative proposal, this award will fund travel and laboratory expenses for both of the independent research projects for Mellum and Genet.

Emily Ford ’15 Film Screening Set for April 2

Ford, who completed a 1,200-mile solo winter thru-hike of Wisconsin's Ice Age Trail, will be on campus for a film screening and q-and-a.

Faculty Spotlight: Laura Triplett

Laura Triplett (Geology) was interviewed for a MPR News story about Enbridge’s Line 3 aquifer damage and the need for increased government oversight and transparency.

Faculty Spotlight: Laura Triplett and Julie Bartley

Laura Triplett and Julie Bartley (both Geology), working with Gustavus students Alex Senjem ’19, Emily Fischer ’19, Matt Allison ’21, Aidan Dahlseid ’21 and a multi-institutional team led by colleagues from the US Geological Survey, the University of Minnesota Duluth, and the Freshwater Society published an Inventory of Landslides for Minnesota as a US Geological […]

Faculty Spotlight: Julie Bartley

Julie Bartley (Geology) and co-authors Sydney Firmin ’14 and John Berger ’15 recently published a paper entitled “Stromatolites and calcitized evaporite in a hypersaline playa lake: Rossport Formation (Mesoproterozoic, Ontario)” in the journal The Depositional Record.

Faculty Spotlight: Julie Bartley

Julie Bartley (Geology) and co-authors Ashley Manning-Berg and Tara Selly ’13 recently published “Actualistic approaches to interpreting the role of biological decomposition in microbial preservation” the journal Geobiology.

Faculty Spotlight: Erik Gulbranson

Erik Gulbranson (Geology) recently published a review of soil-forming environments on the former supercontinent of Gondwana in the journal Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology. This review attempts to understand the nature of the land surface just prior to and inclusive of the most severe mass extinction in the history of life.