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Technology Helpline Fall Break Hours

The Technology Helpline hours for Fall Break are: Friday (21st): 8am-4:45pm Saturday and Sunday (22nd and 23rd): Closed Monday and Tuesday (24th and 25th): 8am-4:45pm Wednesday: 8am-11pm (regular hours) If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Technology Helpline (507-933-6111) or You may also reach us via Live Chat through our web site: […]

‘All Lives Matter’ distracts from real issue

Last Thursday, Gustavus students were provided the unique and constructive opportunity to attend the informative “I AM A BLACK MAN” panel in Wallenberg Auditorium. The thoughtful and productive discussion that occurred from this panel is extremely useful in having a discussion about race in our community. The discussion allowed several brave members of the Gustavus […]

My medication doesn’t hurt

I am an avid reader of online articles, of opinion pieces written by other college students and young adults. I am addicted to learning through reading. But lately I have been coming across articles that have not taught me anything useful and are likely instilling opinions in others that will not help, but hurt people. […]

Letter to the Editor (10/14/2016)

It is said that the pen is mightier than the sword. That rhetoric and questions will win the day over violence and discord. In light of recent events here on campus and abroad, this old idea could not be more relevant. Every day, every hour perhaps, we are challenged to critically think about ideas and […]

Letter to the Editor (10/14/2016)

On October 7, 2016, The Gustavian Weekly published “Faculty conclude vote in favor of commencement changes.” Since the Chaplains’ Office was repeatedly mentioned in the article, we are compelled to share our account of several inaccuracies surrounding the reported process and decision to move commencement from Sunday to Saturday. In specifics, The Gustavian Weekly published […]

Cartoons deserve a place in the classroom

The transmission of lessons throughout time has changed dramatically, beginning with the ancient Socratic method and the phrase ‘question everything’, to the modern use of technology in the classroom. The methods that are used today are diverse and eclectic, fitting often to the teaching style of the professor or instructor, or to the specific needs […]