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Amy Sommer Rosevear ’02

Amy Rosevear ’02 was wed to Nicholas Rosevear on 10/22/2016 in Denver, CO.

Michelle Schaefer Stepka ’02

Andrik Joseph, born to Michelle Schaefer Stepka ’02 and Kevin Stepka on 08/05/2017.

Michelle (Schaefer) Stepka ’02

Michelle Schaefer Stepka ’02 is a residency coordinator at University of Minnesota. Oversee education and events for the University of Minnesota orthopaedic residents rotating at Regions Hospital.

Brooke (Jenkins) Dugdale ’02

Brooke Jenkins Dugdale ’02 is a fourth year medical student at the University of Minnesota Medical School.  She was recently awarded the prestigious Excellence in Medicine Leadership Award presented by the American Medical Association Foundation. This award recognizes those who “exemplify the highest values of volunteerism, community engagement, leadership and dedication to the care of […]

Nichol (Brausen ) Kamholz ’02

Birth, Nora May, to Nichol Brausen Kamholz ’02 and Seth Kamholz on 05/05/2016.

Erica (Schmidt) Krocak ’02

Birth, Simon David, to Erica Schmidt Krocak ’02 and David Krocak on 01/04/2015.

Kara (Kara Fox) Galvin ’02

Birth, Theo William, to Kara Kara Fox Galvin ’02 and Dan Galvin ’02 on 04/28/2016.

Sarah (Hovland) Spanier ’02

Sarah Hovland Spanier ’02 is a First Grade Teacher in the St. Michael-Albertville School District in St. Michael, MN.

Rena Hartman Rothauge ’74 and Claire Friberg Hartman ’74

Rena Hartman Rothauge ’02 with her mother Claire Friberg Hartman ’74 on Rena’s wedding day, October 17, 2015.

Rena (Hartman) Hartman Rothauge ’02

Brandon Rothauge and Rena Hartman Rothauge ’02, 10/15/2015, Portland, OR, were married in October 2015, and moved from Portland, Oregon to West Saint Paul, Minnesota in December 2016. On May 1, 2017 they will relocate to a new home in Babbitt, Minnesota.