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1991 Gustie gals

In October nine ladies from the Class of 1991 had a reunion in northern Minnesota.  Pictured: Front row:  Becca (Briggs) Kansas, Amy (McCrea) Morrell, Emily (Grimstad) Bauernfeind, Nicole LaVoi, Lynn (Stephens) Giovannelli Back row: Kerstin (Johnson) Erickson, Kathy (McCune) Parten, Georgi Speliopoulos, Lisa (Tollman) Perbix

1962 Wahlstrom Section 401 Reunion

An historic reunion was held recently in St. Paul when 9 of the 12 classmates from Wahlstrom Hall’s 1958/59 Freshman Section 401 gathered for the first time in 58 years. Memories were shared, updates given and relationships renewed.  It was a very special time.   Pictured back row:  Annette Hoffman Olson, Janyce Helgeson Olson, Anne […]

Dakota County Public Health

Dakota County Public Health is proud to have 5 Gustie nurses working in the department!  Gustavus nursing alumni and nursing students pictured: Front left to right: Amy Schilman Mimm ’95; Rose Omodt Jost ’63; Bonnie Madsen Brueshoff ’79; Mary Hassinger Retzlaff ’78; Sue Roos Spector ‘77 Back left to right; Lori MacKinnon ’82;  and nursing […]

Reed ’10 – Rothschiller ’13 wedding

Tony Reed ’10 and Lauren Rothschiller ’13 were married in Christ Chapel on July 30, 2016.  Many Gustie friends and family were in attendance to help them celebrate the day.

Gusties at Lake Pelican

Gustie friends gather at Pelican Lake, Pelican Rapids, MN in August 2016. Kyle Rohlfs '08 Tasha Rohlfs '09 Jack Underwood '08 Wade Underwood '12 and Claire Curran '13.

Sarah Volz ’04

Sarah Volz ’04 graduated from her fellowship in Neonatology (June 2016). During her fellowship, she also obtained an M.S. in Health Professions Education. She has accepted a position as a Neonatologist and with the Alaska Neonatology Associate group in Anchorage, AK.

LaVonne Christenson Talle ’52

LaVonne Christenson Talle ’52 and her husband Herman Talle attended the graduation commencement ceremonies here at Gustavus on May 29 to watch their great niece, Katelyn Graham ’16, graduate.

Dan Myers ’04

Dan Myers ’04 and wife, Courtney, had a baby girl on December 26, 2015. Quincy Bloom joins mom, dad and big sister, Wren.