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Katherine Banks ’04

Maya Carolina, to Katherine Banks ’04 and Dmitri L, born on 03/16/2019.

Ingrid (Vick) Schwingler ’07 and Peter Schwingler ’05

Tekla Ruth, to Ingrid Vick Schwingler ’07 and Peter Schwingler ’05, born on 03/05/2019.

Megan (Schroepfer) Koenigs ’14

Everett Dale, to Megan Schroepfer Koenigs ’14 and Tyler Koenigs, born on 01/03/2019.

Ashley (Gibbs) Paul ’09

Alden Christopher, to Ashley (Gibbs) Paul ’09 and Ian Paul, born on 03/08/2019.

Maren (Balk) Rivers ’09

Nathan Otto, to Maren Balk Rivers ’09 and David Rivers, born on 12/24/2018.

Arun Vig ’04

Rudravir A, to Arun Vig ’04 and Sabah Vig, born on 05/20/2016, and Shivantika A, born on 08/10/2018.

Tyler and Sarah (Purnell) Wakefield ’09

Blake William, to Tyler Wakefield ’09 and Sarah (Purnell) Wakefield ’09, born on 05/16/2018. “Blake joined big sister Kate in May – Future Gusties in the making!”

Derek and Ally (Pelton) Hilding ’10

Molly June, to Ally Pelton Hilding ’10 and Derek Hilding ’10, born on 03/14/2019

Katie (Ellsworth) Sundby ’04 and Tim Sundby ’01

Liam Boyd, to Katie Ellsworth Sundby ’04 and Tim Sundby ’01, born on 11/18/2018.

Owen and Katie (Galloway) Thoele ’01

James Robert, to Katie Galloway-Thoele ’01 and Owen Thoele ’01, born on 04/20/2018.