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Katie (Ellsworth) Sundby ’04 and Tim Sundby ’01

Liam Boyd, to Katie Ellsworth Sundby ’04 and Tim Sundby ’01, born on 11/18/2018.

Owen and Katie (Galloway) Thoele ’01

James Robert, to Katie Galloway-Thoele ’01 and Owen Thoele ’01, born on 04/20/2018.

Kiel and Sondra (Winters) Tschumperlin ’12

Augustus David, to Sondra Winters Tschumperlin ’12 and Kiel Tschumperlin ’12. ‘Gus’ was born on November 20, 2018 at 10:02 AM. He weighed 9lbs 4oz and measured 22 inches long.

Tom Hutton ’04

Sullivan Thomas, to Thomas Hutton ’04 and Gina Hutton, born on 11/01/2018.

Chelsie Hansen-Stratton ’11

Della Jean, to Chelsie Hansen-Stratton ’11 and Kat Hansen-Stratton, born on 12/17/2018.

Mercede Kortus Stricker ’00

Hero Robert Colt, to Mercede Kortus Stricker ’00 and Alexander Stricker, born on 05/14/2018.

CJ and Carly (Johnson) Erickson ’09

Henry Tillman, to Carly Johnson Erickson ’09 and CJ Erickson ’09, born on 01/22/2019.

Nissa Hannemann Peterson ’08

Nils Timothy, to Nissa Hannemann Peterson ’08 and Timothy Peterson, born on 09/22/2018.

Charlie Seitzer ’04

Ziggy Mae, to Charlie Seitzer ’04 and Emily Kopfmann Seitzer, born on 11/19/2018.

Tara (Loftus) Owens ’04

Fall Elizabeth, to Tara Loftus Owens ’04 and Daniel Owens, born on 07/08/2018.