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Christa (Harrison) Heupel ’05

Christa Harrison Heupel ’05 and Paul Heupel ’05 welcomed baby Evan August into the world on 03/02/2018.

Greg Boone ’09

Greg Boone ’09 and Danielle Harms ’09 welcomed baby László Rivers into the world on 08/24/2018.

Matt Schwartz ’04

Matt Schwartz ’04 and Kristina Harter Schwartz ’03 welcomed baby David into the world on 10/29/2017.

Jacquie (Schultz) Hawkinson ’98

Milo Louis was born to Jacquie Schultz Hawkinson ’98 and Matthew Hawkinson on 02/22/2018.

Lindsey (Sockness) Johnson ’08

Judah I was born to Lindsey Sockness Johnson ’08 and Stephen Johnson on 03/11/2017.

Marisa (Mancini) Rothrock ’06

Kaiden Christopher was born to Marisa Mancini Rothrock ’06 and Brian Rothrock on 04/29/2016.

Andrea (Andrea Tish) Fish ’05

Malcolm Harold was born to Andrea Andrea Tish Fish ’05 and Scott Fish ’02 on 01/01/2018.

Leslie (Carlson) Pietila ’03

Leo Dean was born to Leslie Carlson Pietila ’03 and John Pietila on 11/30/2017.

Molly (Geske) Beckstrand ’12

Van Allen was born to Molly Geske Beckstrand ’12 and Peder Beckstrand ’12 on 10/30/2017.

Katherine (Dorn) Thimjon ’04

Thomas J was born to Katherine Dorn Thimjon ’04 and Joshua Thimjon ’04 on 01/16/2018.