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Melissa Laine Holman ’05

Melissa Laine Holman ’05 and Patrick Holman welcomed son, Finn Robert, on 06/23/2017.

Christian White ’01

Christian White ’01 and Karly Mangen White welcomed daughter, Brooklyn Marie, on 04/19/2017.

Angel (Matthes) Yackel ’10

Angel Matthes Yackel ’10 and Drew Yackel-Juleen Yackel ’10 welcomed daughter, Magdalena Rose, on 10/21/2017.

Michelle Schaefer Stepka ’02

Andrik Joseph, born to Michelle Schaefer Stepka ’02 and Kevin Stepka on 08/05/2017.

Ashley (Gibbs) Paul ’09

Maverick Malte born to Ashley Gibbs Paul ’09 and Ian Paul on 05/24/2017.

Jeni (Goeke) Huff ’12

Josiah C., born to Jeni Goeke Huff ’12 and Nathan Huff on 06/20/2017.

Kristin (Meinz) McKenney ’08

Jacob Michael, born to Kristin Meinz McKenney ’08 and Michael McKenney ’08 on 07/03/2017.

KRIstine (Overson) Moser ’06

Nora Nicole, born to Kristine Overson Moser ’06 and Ryan Moser  on 05/20/2017.

Elizabeth Wojahn Feltes ’05

Elizabeth Wojahn Feltes ‘05 and Michael Feltes welcomed Jonathan Richard (6lbs 7oz) and Vivian Janet (7lbs 1oz) to their family on March 30th, 2017. Big Sister, Gwendolyn (3 years old) loves them so much!

Wade Gustafson ’99

Tate Oscar, born to Wade Gustafson ’99 and Cara Gustafson, on 09/27/2017.