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Kaitlin Biteler ’16

Emery Jo, to Kaitlin Biteler ’16 and Derek Biteler, born on 10/05/2019.

Terrece (Oldenburg) Mesenbring ’15

Miles Dean, to Terrece Mesenbring ’15 and Chad Mesenbring, born on 05/24/2019. Miles is welcomed by parents, Terrece and Chad, and big sister Aubrey.

Robert Elwell ’12

Emmy KayLynn, to Bobby Elwell ’12 and Brenna Elwell, born on 07/31/2019.

Alecia (Woods) Hooper ’14

Bennett Wilson, to Alecia Hooper ’14 and Wil Hooper, born on 09/25/2019.  

Bobby Johnson ’01

Beckett James, to Bobby Johnson ’01 and Melissa Johnson, born on 07/24/2019.

Anne-Marie Ericson ’05

Analee Inga Kay, to Anne-Marie Ericson ’05 and Mark Ericson, born on 08/09/2019.

Britt Forsberg ’05

Wren Linnea, to Britt Forsberg ’05 and Joel Nelson, born on 09/17/2019.

Brittany Trask ’10

Charles David, to Brittany Trask ’10 and David Trask, born on 06/03/2019.

Mandy Petersen ’05

Valerie Carol, to Mandy Petersen ’05 and Reed Petersen ’05, born on 07/12/2018.

Ashley Paul ’09

Alden Christopher, to Ashley Paul ’09 and Ian Paul, born on 03/08/2019.