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Holly Andersen ’09

Nicholas Upton and Holly Andersen ’09, were married on 06/23/2018, in Minneapolis.

Kendra (Mays) Buteyn ’09

Lucille Jean, to Kendra Mays Buteyn ’09 and John Buteyn, born on 08/24/2018.

Rebecca (Gustafson) Swanson ’09

Emmett M, to Rebecca Gustafson Swanson ’09 and Matt Swanson, born on 03/11/2019.

Ashley (Gibbs) Paul ’09

Alden Christopher, to Ashley (Gibbs) Paul ’09 and Ian Paul, born on 03/08/2019.

Maren (Balk) Rivers ’09

Nathan Otto, to Maren Balk Rivers ’09 and David Rivers, born on 12/24/2018.

Tyler and Sarah (Purnell) Wakefield ’09

Blake William, to Tyler Wakefield ’09 and Sarah (Purnell) Wakefield ’09, born on 05/16/2018. “Blake joined big sister Kate in May – Future Gusties in the making!”

Emily Pearson ’09

Scott Harris and Emily Pearson ’09, got engaged on 10/14/2018, in Shakopee,¬†and will be getting married on June 29, 2019.

Kat Coughlin Coda ’09

Calvin Reed, to Kat Coughlin Coda ’09 and Nathan Dahlberg Coda, born on 01/18/2019.

CJ and Carly (Johnson) Erickson ’09

Henry Tillman, to Carly Johnson Erickson ’09 and CJ Erickson ’09, born on 01/22/2019.

Kristen (Chirafisi) Holsten ’09

Keira Michele, to Kristen Chirafisi Holsten ’09 and Jake Holsten ’09, born on 07/02/2018. “Our newest future Gustie! 8lbs, 4oz And 22 inches of little sister love!”