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Gustavus Human Resources Blog: The Rule of 72

  72 It’s a great number for many reasons (shout-out to all of the 46 year olds out there), but have you thought of it financially? TIAA shares an interesting article¬†about the financial Rule of 72 which reminds us with actual data why it’s not too soon to start saving. We strive towards good financial […]

Gustavus Human Resources Blog: Clear the Clutter – Mentally and Physically

Do you happen to fall into a rut? Often times we get stuck in cycles that may not be beneficial for us – either thinking the same negative thoughts, or falling into the same patterns within our lifestyles. Summer is a fun time to break out of the bad habits that we fall into and […]

Gustavus Human Resources Blog: Funding Health Care in Retirement – Start Today

TIAA has a wealth of articles and tips for their investors. If you haven’t toured their site lately,, or logged into your portfolio account, start today. Recently, an excellent¬†article discussed the merits of Health Savings Accounts and the importance of saving for health care costs in retirement to protect your income. You may register […]