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Megan Eide (’19) Publishes Article in Journal of Media and Religion

We are proud to announce that Megan Eide (’19), Religion major and recent graduate of Gustavus, has published her senior Religion thesis as an article in the Journal of Media and Religion, a peer-reviewed publication. Entitled “Religion in Children’s Visual Media: A Qualitative Content Analysis of Preschool Holiday Specials,” Ms. Eide’s article analyzes “depictions of […]

Summer Reading and Escapes: Dr. Mary Gaebler

Though the semester has officially begun, Labor Day has just passed us by, and a cold rain has settled on the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes, we can’t entirely brush off the joys and freedom of the summer.  For our final installment of this year’s “Summer Reading and Escapes,” we follow Dr. Mary Gaebler into […]

Summer Reading and Escapes: Dr. Blake Couey

The start of the fall term is less than two weeks away! And while plans for our return to campus remain in flux, the excitement around new classes and new ideas is clearly in the air. Autumn, thankfully, hasn’t quite come yet to Minnesota, but it’s definitely on the horizon. But we shouldn’t give up […]

Summer Reading and Escapes: Dr. Samuel Kessler

We’ve left the second week of August and entered the third. And my, things on campus just keep on changing! But reading and learning stay the same, and trying to think deeply about remains ever challenging. That’s true regardless of if one sits in a college library or in one’s own living room. Today it’s […]

Summer Reading and Escapes: Dr. Casey Elledge

As we enter the second week of August, with thunder and rain and the return of humidity, here’s our third entry, from Dr. Casey Elledge. I have started reading the Mahabharata, one of the great Hindu epics. I also am finishing D. Saraswati’s Satyartha Prakasha (“Light of Truth”), a work of Hindu philosophy. I read the Beowulf Epic, as well […]

Summer Reading and Escapes: Dr. Sarah Ruble

Rounding out our first week in August, here’s our second entry, from Dr. Sarah Ruble. This summer, I’m reading some U.S. religious history and some theology. I’ve just finished Kristin Du Mez’s Jesus and John Wayne: How White Evangelicals Corrupted a Faith and Fractured a Nation (a great read if you want to understand why so many white evangelicals support […]

Summer Reading and Escapes: Dr. Thia Cooper

As August begins and the semester looms, here’s our first entry, from Dr. Thia Cooper. I’m working on a book introducing people to Marcella Althaus-Reid, an Argentinian sexual theologian, so I’ve been reading a lot of her work. I particularly enjoyed her book From Feminist Theology to Indecent Theology (SCM 2004) I also just read and reviewed Lauren […]

Series Introduction: Summer Reading and Escapes From the Religion Faculty

What a beautiful and strange summer this has been! For those of us who stayed in Minnesota, our state has been gorgeous and hot, with lots of sunshine, long humid days, ten thousand mosquitoes per square foot, and big thunderstorms that roll down from Canada and make the leaves shimmer in the late morning light. […]

Dr. Bunge and Dr. Cha Announce New Minor on Interfaith Leadership

The Religion Department – spearheaded by Dr. Marcia Bunge and Dr. John Cha – is launching a new minor in Fall 2020 focused on Interfaith Leadership. As Drs. Bunge and Cha write, “Religion is a fact and factor worldwide, and over 80% of human beings on the planet self-affiliate with a religious tradition. Given the […]

The Projects of Dr. Cooper: Sexuality, Liberation, Development, & Translation

In November 2017, Dr. Cooper published her second book, A Christian Guide to Liberating Desire, Sex, Partnership, Work, and Reproduction (Palgrave Pivot). It began in response to the numerous conversations Dr. Cooper was having students about sexual ethics. The predominant assumption among these students, she found, was that Christianity had nothing to say about sex, and […]