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Hillary Sabourin ’15

Hillary Sabourin (2015) and Joseph Dipple (2013), will marry on October 8, 2017. On this day, Maid of Honour, Karlye Smith (2015) and Best Man, Ben Dipple (2016) will stand by their side in Desjardenville, Québec, Canada.

Megan (Myhre) Myhre Grace ’11

Samuel Grace ’11 and Megan Myhre Grace ’11, were married on 12/31/2016 in Bloomington, MN.  Nine years after meeting their freshman year at Gustavus, Sam Grace ’11 and Megan Myhre Grace ’11 had a Gustie-filled wedding celebrating the new year!

Mandy (Dillenburg) Patel ’09

Mandy Dillenburg ’09 and Vikash Patel were married on 10/22/2016, in Madison, WI.

Smyth – Broeckert wedding

Adam Smyth ’14 and Samantha Broeckert ’14 were married on October 8, 2016.  The couple resides in Burnsville, MN.

Tara Loftus ’04

Daniel Owens and Tara Loftus ’04 were married on 10/08/2016, Eagan, MN.

Reed ’10 – Rothschiller ’13 wedding

Tony Reed ’10 and Lauren Rothschiller ’13 were married in Christ Chapel on July 30, 2016.  Many Gustie friends and family were in attendance to help them celebrate the day.

Jennessa (Runia) Runia-Bade ’15

Gusties gather in Northfield, MN for the wedding of Jennessa and Leif Runia-Bade. From left to right: Tony Squillace ’14, Haley Kubista ’15, Jennessa Runia-Bade ’15, Leif Runia-Bade ’14, Bjorn Bade ’18, Elizabeth Coco ’12, and Nate Baer ’14 Other Gusties were present as guests.

Ben ’14 and Kallie (Poirier ’15) Orpen

Ben Orpen ’14 and Kallie Poirier ’15 were married on 08/21/2016 in Barnesville, MN.

Terrece (Oldenburg) Mesenbring ’15

Chad Mesenbring and Terrece Oldenburg ’15 were married on 09/02/2016, Chanhassen, MN.

Christie (Rossow) Aase ’05

Bryan Aase and Christie Rossow ’05, 07/02/2016, Prior Lake, MN. Bride and groom share the same birthday, July 2nd. (different years, but same date). They were married on their birthdays at The Wilds Golf Club in Prior Lake, MN.  A large group of Gusties were in the wedding party : Matron of Honor, Heather (Rossow) […]