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Heather (Rossow) Dickey ’07

Heather Rossow Dickey ’07 is a Account Manager at NPARALLEL in Plymouth, MN. At NPARALLEL, we create brand experiences that engage and energize. We partner with both brands and agencies to bring their businesses face-to-face with their customers. Our work ranges from concept design and execution for experiential marketing, trade shows, retail, pop-ups, and brand […]

Kevin ’07 and Sarah (Schueffner ’06) Borgendale

Kevin ’07 and Sarah Schueffner Borgendale ’06 are pleased to announce the arrival of Charlie Jonathan Borgendale! Charlie arrived on 11/27/19 at 9:45am weighing 8lbs 10oz and 21in long. We are thrilled and quickly learning to function on a new sleep schedule.

Gusties Gather, Minnesota

Part of the 2006 Women’s tennis team met up at the Mall of America with their families. Pictured from left: All-American Jenni Gruenisen (White) ‘08 with kids, Addy, Sami, Matthew, Will; National Champion Lauren Oien (Hom) ‘07 with kids Juliette, Asher and Vera; 2x National Champion Lyndsey Crossley (Palen) ‘06 with kids Bryant, Landon and […]

Eleanor Bash ’07

Eleanor Bash ’07 completed her PhD in Glaciology, on September 9, 2019.

Eleanor Bash ’07

Brad Cooke and Eleanor Bash ’07, were married on 07/20/2019, in Calgary, Alberta.

Lauren (Hom) Oien ’07 and Michael Oien ’07

Juliette James, to Lauren Oien ’07 and Michael Oien ’07, born on 07/19/2019.

Greg and Keisha (Husby) Dokken ’07

Maya Ann, to Keisha Dokken ’07 and Greg Dokken ’07, born on 11/04/2019.

Keisha (Husby) Dokken ’07

Keisha Dokken ’07 is a teacher at Eastern Carver County School District in Chaska, MN. She teaches 6th and 7th grade math at Chaska Middle School West.

Aryn (Bell) DeGrood ’09 and Justin DeGrood ’07

Harper Grace, to Aryn Bell DeGrood ’09 and Justin DeGrood ’07, born on 03/19/2019.

Krista (Kirchoff) Engebretson ’07

Hailey Faith, to Krista Kirchoff Engebretson ’07 and Tyler Engebretson, born on 11/16/2018.