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Gina Quiram ’06

Gina Quiram ’06 is a Restoration Evaluation Specialist at Minnesota Department of Natural Resources in St. Paul, MN. Gina evaluates restorations for the citizens of Minnesota to improve the quality of natural areas so everyone can find their place in the great outdoors.

KRIstine (Overson) Moser ’06

Nora Nicole, born to Kristine Overson Moser ’06 and Ryan Moser  on 05/20/2017.

Noelle (Salmonson) Carlson ’06

Kevin Carlson and Noelle Carlson ’06 were wed on 07/08/2017 in Ham Lake, MN.

Jennifer (Burke) Keener ’06

Child Quinn K, to Jennifer Burke Keener ’06 and Dennis Keener, was born on 12/03/2015.

Rebecca (Nolan) Weaver ’06

Son, Tristan Robert, to Rebecca Nolan Weaver ’06 and Gene Weaver, was born on 08/27/2017

Jamie Germscheid ’06

Daughter, Julia Kathleen, to Jamie Germscheid ’06 and Danielle Germscheid, born on 08/29/2017.

Erin (Green) Smith ’06

Daughter, Lucia Marie, born to Dan Smith ’06 and Erin Green Smith ’06, born on 12/01/2016.

Dorea Ruggles ’06

Birth, Theodore Benedict to Dorea Ruggles ’06 and Joel Abrahamson, on 09/05/2016.

Katie (Fillius) McClave ’06

Birth, Liam Brennan to Katie Fillius McClave ’06 and Graham McClave, 02/08/2017

Emily (Eddy) White ’06

Birth, Cora Susan to Emily Eddy White ’06 and Colby White ’05 on 08/01/2016.