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Education and Healthcare in Peru

Continuing the Adventure

Jess R. and Dan V. here with this week´s update. Dan: First and foremost, Spanish keyboards are a puzzle. So, if all my apostrophes are wacky symbols, hang in there. We had some bathroom problems the last week caused by illness. You know you´re really becoming friends with a group of people when the solidity […]

¡Sí se puede!

Hola y gracias a Dios for safe travels and fun adventures. This morning at 9:30 we left for The Cross on the Hill, which is a peak overlooking La Isla Blanca and Chimbote. Standing upon this mountain top is a giant cross that can be seen from the rooftop of the Parish as well as […]

Peru-Futbol con Padre

Every day when we are finished with classes and healthcare tasks we head to the soccer field to play a  game of futbol with some of the locals.  Futbol is played by many in Peru and is part of the culture here, it has been very enjoyable to participate each day.  Word spreads quickly, and […]

Peru – here we go . . .

Looking forward to getting together with you all next week. Some things to think about . . .  we will be developing a mission statement for the group, so consider the following in preparation for this discussion: • Why are we here (in Peru)? • What is your personal goal for this course? • What […]