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FIT Course Fun!

Nate Otto’s HES-100 Dance FIT class was sweating to the 70’s and 80’s! They worked on their leg lifts, toe pointing and doing 80’s aerobic style plies (French pronunciation: ?[plije]; literally ‘bent.’). With their Richard Simmons swag they rocked out to Cher, Abba, Bee Gee’s, and some Cyndi Lauper to name a few. “I have […]


Aaron Banks and Kubb

In an effort to bring theory to life, students enrolled in the History of Sport & Physical Education course enjoyed participating in an ancient Scandinavian tradition today! Kubb, also known as Viking Chess, dates back a thousand years and is currently enjoying a resurgence of interest in the upper Midwest, being played with a fevered […]

Aaron Banks and Bonnie Reimann

Dr. Aaron Banks and Dr. Bonnie Reimann, Department of Health and Exercise Science, team-teach a January Term course called Olympic Quest that focuses on the Olympics, Sport, Leisure and Society.  They have taken students to Scandinavia, Western Europe, and China, and during January 2016, they will travel to Australia and New Zealand.