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“Beneath the Crown (12/9/16)”

What is a great challenge you’ve faced in your life? “I live very far away from my parents and my grandparents. If they get sick now, if something happens to them, it’ll be very hard to go back. It’s actually my biggest fear, which I think makes it my biggest challenge. It takes almost one […]

Beneath the Crown (12/2/16)

What is a big passion of yours? “Music, definitely. My family has always been really connected to music. My dad gigged around Minneapolis as a drummer after he got out of school. I grew up watching my brother and sister play their respective instruments as well, with my brother being a drummer and my sister […]

Beneath the Crown (11/18/16)

What is a great challenge you’ve faced in your life? “I would say my greatest challenge came through figure skating. I’m still a figure skater, but I didn’t start skating until I was about ten years old. I feel like a lot of people thought ‘Who is this girl?’ because I was often the ten-year-old […]

Beneath the Crown (11/11/16)

What is a great challenge you’ve faced? “I’d say getting up and doing the whole college thing. I was never a person that applied myself too hard in high school. I kind of breezed by and got my A’s then I went to college and realized that it wasn’t going to quite work that way […]

Beneath the Crown (11/4/16)

What is a big challenge you’ve faced in your life? “Compared to most people, I’ve lived quite a blessed life, so this is a tough question. I’ve lived in a white upper-middle class family in northern Minnesota my entire life, I’ve been academically gifted generally speaking, had a good family life for the most part…my […]

Beneath the Crown (10/14/16)

What is a big passion of yours? “I’m really passionate about soccer, I play it a lot. I started doing that when I was probably around 3 years old so it’s been a lifelong passion so far. I feel the same way about snowboarding, as I also started doing that around 3 years old or […]

Beneath the Crown (10/7/16)

What is one of your biggest passions? “I really love getting to know people. Everyone has cool stuff in their past, as well as really cool skills and different ways of thinking that I’ve never thought of. It’s one of the main reasons I became a CF last year and why I’m looking into joining […]

Beneath the Crown (9/30/16)

What is your dream career? “I’m really into numbers and I’m someone who doesn’t want to be the center of attention, like I’d rather work behind the scenes, but I still want to make a difference. So, I’ve always been into math. My mom was my math teacher in sixth grade and that was what […]

Beneath the Crown (9/23/16)

What is a big challenge that you faced in your life, and how did you handle it? “The first thing that comes to mind, being in college, is that my mom died during my freshman year, in January. It was kind of out of nowhere. The additional fact of it being freshman year helped exaggerate […]

Beneath the Crown (9/16/16)

What’s an important lesson you learned over the course of your life? “I’ve learned a lot of patience. Just from starting college, but also from when I was a camp counselor. I can’t think of any specific instances right now, but I definitely had my patience tested as a camp counselor.” What’s a philosophy you […]