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Godzilla fights for an audience

It’s difficult to generate excitement for a reboot of a movie franchise. With examples like Spider-man, Superman, Robocop, and The Ninja Turtles, the producer is tasked with not only making a great film, but improving what was previously created. The new Godzilla film, however, had no problem building hype. The iconic Kaiju has impacted moviegoers […]

Tales from Abroad: A journey from Cape Town, South Africa.

After coming to the United States in 2008 from Cape Town, South Africa, Senior Psychology Major Neo Mpunga was introduced to Gustavus by his host mother. His host mother’s grandfather was O.J. Johnson, a former Gustavus president in 1913. Immediately when Mpunga came for a tour he noticed the sense of community. “Gustavus is a […]

GUSTIE of the WEEK: Nate Paulsen

Four years ago, while away from his California home, playing junior hockey in Wisconsin, Nate Paulsen was encouraged by a teammate to visit the small St. Peter Campus.Upon seeing Gustavus, Nate’s plans immediately changed. “I looked up The Hill and instantly knew this was where I was going,” Nate said. The Senior International Management Major […]