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Forbes Magazine Says…

12/7/2012 By E.W. Forbes Magazine recently published a story on their website stating the six things college students should start doing now to put themselves in the best position to get a job after college. Create a LinkedIn profile: This one you can start right now and add when you have time. You can upload […]

To energy drink, or energy eat?

As semester final projects approach and students begin to study for exams, many are looking for an extra edge to defy their body’s needs and forego sleep and proper nutrition. These are essential to optimum function, health and mood balance, yet students still look to the aid of energy drinks and other caffeine sources that […]

Bureau of Labor Grad Job Stats

12/4/12 By E. W.  Still not sure whether all that time sitting in a classroom is worth your trouble? Think again. New data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that those with a bachelor’s degree or higher are more likely to find employment versus those with just an associate’s or high school education. The […]

11/30/12 By E. W.  Job search engines can easily become a job hunter’s best friend, listing thousands of potential jobs in one search. However, they can just as easily become a horrible nightmare as a job seeker might waste hours navigating through all the different listings to find the ones that fit his or her […]

11/26/12  By E. W.              Remember that time when you had a question, but you were afraid to ask because you were pretty sure it was stupid? And remember how later you regretted not asking because as it turned out other people had the same question and knowing the answer would […]

What to Make Sure is on Your Résumé

By E. W., 11/14/12 Building a résumé is a long, complicated process. Before sending it to any potential employers, you need to make sure it is neat, easy to read, and states your best qualities. Your résumé should also exemplify the attributes employers want to see. But what are those qualities? According to survey of […]

Salary Reports

By E. W., 11/9/12 Once again, jobs in the technology and finance industry boast some of the largest increases in job openings as companies continue to expand.  Yet, obtaining the best employees isn’t always easy. To help with this problem, two different salary reports, the Office Team Salary Guide and the Robert Half Salary Guide, […]

Kari Clark ’91

Kari Clark serves as Director of Principal Gifts at Gustavus Adolphus College.  Prior to this position, she was the Director of Development at the Foundation of Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota.  Her education includes a B.A. degree from Gustavus, and a J.D. from William Mitchell College of Law.  She was admitted to the Minnesota […]

Phone Interviews

By E. W., 11/6/12 A one-on-one interview can be a terrifying experience. But if you are anything like me, a phone interview is much worse. But fear not; here are eight simple tips that will help to ease your anxiety before your next phone interview: 1.     Keep your answers short. That’s not to say you […]

Job Report Numbers

By E. W., 11/2/12 Regardless of what the political candidates say, it does appear that unemployment numbers in Minnesota continue to fall. According to an ISeek survey, there was a 26 percent increase of job openings from this time last year. For those who are still struggling to find work, though, this begs the question: […]