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Ice (man) Ice (man) Baby

Today we ventured to Bolzano, Italy. We paid a visit to see Ötzi, the iceman that was found in the Alps on the Italian side of the alpine border between Italy and Austria. He had been preserved in the glacier for about 5,000 years. The museum where he was kept was very thorough, providing so […]

Survey Says…

Today, we traveled up to the Glacier Paradise, a tourist attraction with a view of the Matterhorn and the highest point we will visit in this course, via gondolas. The main purpose of our visit to Glacier Paradise was to survey tourists to study glacier tourism in Zermatt. We met early in the morning to […]


Today, we traveled from Chamonix, France to Zermatt, Switzerland on four different trains. Although we had seen many of the views before on the way to Chamonix, they were still breathtaking. Zermatt is higher in elevation and is more chilly than we have been used to. There are no cars in the city, only bikes […]