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We’ve come to the end

Hello to all of the friends and family members following along with this blog. As I type, the group is checking into their flight at the Dublin airport.  This morning started (or last evening continued for some/most….) at 2:15am with the hotel wake up call. So be prepared, your students will be EXHAUSTED when you […]

Willkommen in Deutschland

Hello everyone!  We have arrived in Germany.  Not our final destination yet, but close.  We arrived at the Munich airport at 12:30pm local time (5:30am central) and are waiting for our final leg – Munich to Berlin at 3:30pm (8:30am central).  It has been a long day and isn’t even close to be over but […]

Why Sports?

Today we wrap up phase one of this experience.  Class on campus will end today at 12:20 with the final information on packing, the airport, and our travel.  At that time, we will conclude what has been an amazing week of learning, listening, exploring, and getting to know one another.  I know I feel more […]