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Welcome to Austria!

Today, we traveled from Pontresina to Innsbruck, Austria. This is the final city we are traveling to. Innsbruck is known for its culture and its alpine adventures so much that it has been a part of two Winter Olympic Games with its world famous ski slopes. It’s famous winter events is intriguing to our entire […]

It’s Electric!

Where does most of the electricity come from in Switzerland?  Well this was new to us as well!  Today we learned the ins and outs of hydro-power plants and what it means for the economy and community. Today we had an early start going into our train-hopping adventure.  Walking confidently up to our train, it […]

Double the Struggle

The previous two days have been the most challenging, but also the most exciting days of our month long endeavor so far.  It was full of hard-work, sweat, rain, ice, and very little sleep. However, it was also full of beauty, learning, and great food. Yesterday we started our day with a wonderful complimentary breakfast […]

First Frenzied Days with Friendzies

Today was our first full day in the course with all the students and professors. We began the day with a five hour train ride from Zurich, Switzerland to Chamonix, France.  The beginning of the endeavor was pretty typical, crowded platforms, a lot of industrial buildings, and too little space for too many bags.  But […]