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South Africa – Maggie Kennedy

This place is amazing. The campsite, the campers, the staff, Africa Jam – they all have been such an inspiration to me in the last 4 days. I started my journey having no idea what to expect or what I would encounter and now reflecting on my last day at camp I am filled with […]

South Africa – Braden Schmid

Sitting at camp looking out over an endless body of water on one side being overlooked by a towering mountain, words cannot explain the experiences I have had during the past three days. Upon arrival in South Africa (finally most of us would say!) we headed straight for the townships. To us in the U.S., […]

Greetings! Welcome to the blog for the J-Term course, South Africa: Examining Global Service! This blog¬†will serve as a platform for students to share their experience, provide insight into their respective learnings and challenges, and to raise meaningful questions that will engage you, the reader. The blogs will be¬†stories and reflections on events that occurred […]