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Microsoft Office for iPad

Microsoft has released Office for the Apple iPad. It is a free download in the Apple App Store, but it requires a Office 365 subscription to use all the features. Using your Gustavus Office 365 login, you can access the full version of Microsoft Office for iPad. For more information about office for the iPad, […]

Study: Small Changes in Homework Improves Learning

A study conducted by researchers at Rice and Duke Universities, and published by the journal Educational Psychology Review, revealed that small changes in homework practices can improve student learning and performance on examinations. Read the full article in The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Nordic Skiier Tyler Gustafson’s Journey To The Junior World Championships

St. Peter, Minn. – A typical Monday for junior nordic skier Tyler Gustafson (Grand Rapids, Minn.) includes linear algebra, managerial finance, and intermediate Swedish – all before lunch.  The afternoon varies, depending on what homework needs to be done, or if a meeting is scheduled, and a trip to Lund Center for training is usually […]