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Still Looking for a Job?

Seniors: If you are still looking for a job or starting a job….I have been asked by a faculty person to share the below info….we are hoping that these things don’t apply to Gusties…but just in case I share them! The main thing is – you are smart! Use good judgement in putting your best self […]

Jibber Jobber

While landing a job may be hard, finding a legitimate website that helps you obtain a job can be just as difficult. Students must search for reputable websites that are able to do a variety of tasks while at the same time keeping the job hunt as organized as possible. These are some of the […]

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

My past 11 years at Gustavus as student-turned-employee have been wonderful, but this is my last month at Gustavus. It is now time for us to part ways. It is difficult for me to let go of something that I have spent countless hours thinking about and working on: the Gustavus website. But, I know […]