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Three Tips for Landing a Job in Today’s Federal Government

By: Call to Serve eNews: April 2011 The fiscal 2011 federal budget has been passed, giving agencies money to hire through September 2011. The fiscal 2012 budget debate is just getting started. The current discussions around deficit-reduction, federal pay and federal hiring have made it more important than ever for applicants to follow three proven […]

Looking for a Job? Want to win a Nano?

Attention: Graduating Seniors and Alumni The Minnesota Private College Career Consortium will host a Virtual Career Fair on Tuesday and Wednesday, May 3 and 4. Everyone who registers is entered in a drawing to win a free Nano. Open only to students and alumni of Minnesota’s private colleges, the fair is a unique virtual event […]

What’s the Situation with your Job Search?

Wednesday, April 27 Join Cynthia and Jill for some Job Search tips today in the Evelyn Young Dining Room. We are here to help YOU find the JOB of YOUR DREAMS! Where: CafWhen: TODAY, 11:30am – 1:00pmWho: You, Cynthia & JillWhy: To Help You!

Need a Job?!?

Gustie Alum Adam Toppin will be back at Gustavus next Wednesday, April 27 with two other colleagues to host an information session on Accretive Health at 7 pm in the St. Peter Room. Accretive Health is a revenue cycle consulting company for hospitals and health care systems (in the same healthcare consulting services industry as […]

Gustavus Career Center’s Top 10 Ideas of What to Do If You Can’t Find a Summer Job:

Employers and graduate/professional schools will wonder what you did with your summers. Have something to put on your résumé and something to talk about in interviews. More importantly, get information and experiences to help you move forward with your career ideas! For information and links for these ideas, go to or stop in and […]

Student Success Story

Hi Cynthia, I just wanted to send a quick note to express my sincere thanks to you! I am a senior (Economics & Management major with an honors Sociology & Anthropology minor) expected to graduate this May. Anxious to find a full-time position to start after graduation, I went to the job fair. It was […]

Turtle adventure!

Our last outing in Petatlán was to the San Valentin sea turtle sanctuary.  Three of the six species of sea turtles that are found at the shores of Mexico lay their eggs on this beach.  Alberto, an ecologist and veterinarian, works with former sea turtle poachers to protect the turtles from those who would steal […]


Today is our last day serving in Petetlan (for now). None of us can believe that it is almost time to say goodbye to our friends and respective families.  In attempt to demonstrate our gratitude and affection we hosted a fiesta in honor of our families at the house of Sarah Kate’s family. After spending […]