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The DNS entry for which used to point to an old solaris box named Zeme has now been changed to point to our new webadvisor servers.  We are trying to retire Zeme and this way anyone who has a bookmark to the old webadvisor link will continue to work when our SSL certificate for […]

Mailserver Issues

At about 12:15am Tuesday morning, our email server stopped allowing people to access their inboxes.  At about 12:50am I rebooted it,, and restored access to email inboxes.  The real cause of the problem is still unknown.


To my surprise, Thunderbird updated its self this morning.  Looks like has been released with some security fixes.  If yours does not update automatically, you should head on over to and grab the latest version.  For more info, take a look at the release notes.

UNIX Sys Admin Status Update 4-21-06 Datatel Update:   The new IBM AIX server is now here and in the server room.  The migration to the new system is now one step closer :)  The new webadvisor servers appear to be handling this weeks registration well.  The server for backing up datatel is also here in […]

With a Little Help…

I was thinking today about the various pieces that help to make the Gustavus website as strong as it is and was taken aback at the number of free-to-use components we employ. I’d like to take this opportunity to show a little love for the wonderful, free things that many people have worked so hard […] certificate

The SSL certificate that we were using for expires this weekend.  We have installed a new wildcard certificate ( * ) on our IMAP server that is good for the next year. Some email clients ( probably just Eudora ) complain about our certificate sometimes.  Therefore if you are a Eudora user, you may […]

Putnam Competition

Last December, Trevor Potter, Alex Zupan, Jonathan Dexter, Peter Overholsor, and Nhung Le spent six hours on a Saturday taking the Putnam. Alex and Nhung also participated in Christmas in Christ Chapel on the same day. Now the Putnam results are in. This year we had four out of five positive scores. There were 3454 […]

Server Room Meltdown

Some time early this morning the air conditioning for the server room in Olin stopped working. As a result the temperature in the server room got high enough for at least one server to stop working. It must have been close to or slightly over 100 degrees F in there. At this time physical plant […]

I2 Connection Down

This morning at 7:00am central, the router our I2 connection uses in the Twin Cities was moved to a different UPS. As a result the I2 connection went down. As of 10:30am this morning, our I2 connection is still down. As far as I can tell we can still reach other I2 sites, however it […]

Firefox Update

From reading the SANS Internet Storm Center Diary, I noticed that Mozilla has relased a new update to Firefox to patch some security holes.  At the moment Mozilla does not have any good info about what security holes are patched with this update.  Hopefully they are not too critical. I suggest everyone running Firefox 1.5.x […]