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23rd of February – Men’s day!

Not so many people know that today Russian men were celebrating their own national holiday – Men’s Day! Generally in the past, the celebration was directed towards recognition of men who fought in any war and who has been serving in the army. However, nowadays every man is considered as a protector of the country and […]


From Russia With Love…

Hi Bloggers! Today’s post is about Russia! This link will take you to Joey Taylor’s blog. He spent the whole last year in Russia, particularly in St. Petersburg. Joey loved the study abroad experince in Russia, so he is giving us some insights about how to get around the second largest Russian city. This post […]

International Cultures Club

International Cultures Club (ICC) is an organization that is striving to create a community on campus for International Students and Gustavus students alike. Whether you are from another country or not, we encourage you to share your culture with us! There is no requirement to join. If you would like to present your culture in ICC […]