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Mike Tews ’12

Mike Tews ’12 accepted an offer from Brocade Communication Systems in Plymouth, MN. He is living in St. Louis Park, MN.


Factoid Friday

The farthest place that Gustavus memorabilia has gone? To the moon. We are not kidding! Buzz Aldrin took along a Gustavus pennant when he went to the moon in 1969!

Anthony Indelicato ’98

Anthony Indelicato ’98 is a Human Resources Specialist for in Seattle.


Nobel Conference 48 Profile of William Fitzgerald

Have you ever paused as you made a tuna sandwich and wondered just what went on in that fish’s life? To grow large enough to be caught, the tuna must have eaten a lot of food—smaller ocean creatures—that had, in turn, been eating and growing in the ocean for their whole lives. If “you are […]


Words of Wisdom

“We do things to make them feel that Gustavus is their home away from home. I know that’s an old cliché, but it’s true.” Evelyn “Ma” Young ’33 speaking about feeding the students Gustavus


Tuesday Trivia: Answered!

Edwin Vickner as a young man. Name this Gustie! If you ever took a foreign language at Gustavus  then you either took a class from this person, or you took a class in the building named after him. C. Edwin Vickner


Musician Ben Johnson-Tesch ’12 Receives Prestigious Med School Sholarship

Tuesday, May 22, 2012, was a pretty big day for recent Gustavus Adolphus College graduate Ben Johnson-Tesch ’12. Not only did the day mark the last day of academics for Johnson-Tesch at Gustavus as he finished up his spring semester finals, but he also received some exciting news from the University of Minnesota Medical School.

Becky Dove ’10

Becky Dove ’10 graduated from the University of Iowa in May with a Master of Public Health degree